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A photo of two butterflies

Allow me to give you an insight into the most blissful person I’ve had the longest relationship with. A “summary” of 23 years — and counting relationship. With my mom.

I can’t describe my mom in just adjectives. That’s being modest. So I’ll just try and give a mental or emotional memory of who she is and continues to be.

Have you ever seen/come across those people who dance with the traditional dancers at the mall? That’s her! She will try and pull you to dance with her but of course, your social anxiety cannot allow you to do that. As who? She doesn’t care, she cares to dance. Smiling.

She likes to smile. A lot. If she isn’t smiling then she is either hungry or mad. Here is where she doesn’t sugarcoat things when she is displeased. You will know about it.

My mom is that friend that goes with the flow. Let’s say progressive. Yes. You want to do it? 100% support. Not on everything! (remember she is my mom lol). You know that friend that will say yes but — when you want to do something stupid? warns you? If you fail at your stupid attempt, she will say a big “I told you so”, and asks you what you learned from that mistake.

I’ve had so many changes in who I wanted to be when I grow up . She will always ask one question.
Are you sure you can do it?
Yes? (stares intensely) — Yes.

Proceeds to buy things that might help my aspirations at that particular time.
My desire to be an artist has been one for the ‘blank canvas’. All the drawing books, paints and brushes — not one good piece of art can account for it.

My mom is everyone’s mom. If she knows you, most probably she won’t forget you. Suppose I’m to hang out with you as my friend? She will make me take something for you. At times I think she loves my friends more than me, but no. My friends love her. They know they have a home when they come over. Aspire to be my mom’s friend.

My mom is the best friend that you can sit in comfortable silence with. You don’t have to talk with her all the time. We can be in the same room and still each does our own thing with no awkwardness. I like that.

She doesn’t like horror movies but will proceed to show you the goriest of things on her phone. egh, I really don’t understand that. She cries — tears, sniffs, blowing nose and all when watching romantic movies, sad movies, happy movies, all kinds of movies really.

Do not tell her you have watched a movie she is currently watching. She is that friend that asks: “So how does it end?” — This is when she is 5 min into the movie.

And I am starting to get that behaviour — omg

She likes to think I can fix everything. I cannot. But for her, I try to. Funny, roles are reversed. I used to depend on her for everything. Ok, I still am.

I ask her to make appointments for me but all I get these days :
Don’t you have a phone? and credit?

That friend that smells nice. That is she. She used to think every artist is Drake(?????, i know) At least she knows a few other people now.

She is a woman in STEM!! She once sent me a screenshot and I was so proud — wipes tears. But refers to everything I do as “things on the computer”.

You know those guys you would always find with a novel? That’s her! I think she can tell you all about Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel. We can spend quite some time in the book section. She always made sure I would have storybooks. Cartoons were watched with subtitles. Always — -says it builds your grammar, spelling, and imagination.

She is right.

I remember when I got admitted to Uni and we went for registration. She then proceeded to take me to a lounge, or pub? no, bar and grill. Ordered the drinks menu and then educated me about all the types of alcohol I could ever encounter at University.
Here I am thinking about how my first drink will be some strong tequila shot but she ordered a glass of red wine for me. Only. One glass. eh. lol. I still think about that day. I don’t know why. It was a smart move as a parent.

She will celebrate all your wins with you. Trust. She likes to throw a party and have fun. I think of her as a fun social butterfly.

I have ̶g̶r̶o̶w̶n̶, no aged. I still have no idea what I am supposed to do. Life. Did. Not. Come. With. A. User. Manual lmao. We are not appliances. We are making this manual with time not only for others but for ourselves too.

There are some things we used to like now we don’t. That’s completely ‘kay. So I know that she is experiencing life too as it comes. That has helped me understand her and made her my very best friend.

I don’t know if she knows that , anyway mum you’re my best friend.

I could go on and on about her, but that would take an eternity. I look forward to learning something new from this lovely lady every day.

PS: She has a working out blog so go check that out!. Like and all. Thank you*******



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